Customer quality management

Experienced quality residents integrated at the vehicle or systems assembly plants (final customers) at your service to deploy the following mains actions:

  • Supervise product flow following surveillance routines to protect your quality records (preventive action).
  • Assure immediate reactivity to quality/ logistic incidents (reactivity).
  • Put in place and manage immediate corrective actions.
  • Provide rapid, precise and relevant information to support root cause analysis.
  • Flexible availability according to real needs.
  • Externalised document management: Reports, Alerts, Incidents.
  • Establish and maintain excellent partnerships at your final customer sites.

Supplier quality management

A network of experienced engineers and technicians at your service for:

  • Interventions to support your operations in case of disruptions of the supply chain due to quality or logistic problems of your suppliers.
  • Interventions at your supplier site to provide reliable data on real time concerning critical operational issues.
  • Support your supplier on the problem solving process and provide on site verification of efficacy of adopted corrective actions to bring the supplier to a normal delivery process in the shortest time.

Consulting in quality management

Consultants with a solid field experience in an industrial environment with a mind-set guided by the achievement of tangible results, experts on:

  • Total quality implementation.
  • Lean Six Sigma-Productivity improvement and waste reduction.
  • Problem Solving Process ( 8D, 5 why, Ishikawa, DOE).
  • Crisis Management.

Outsourcing of quality fuctions

Experimented and operative engineers and technicians for your permanent or interim needs in operational quality functions:

  • Production site Quality Responsible(Quality Manager)
  • Quality Engineer
  • Customer/Supplier Quality Engineer
  • Advanced Quality Engineer ( APQP/PPAP/E.I./PFMEA/DFMEA)

After sales quality management

Engineers and technicians experts on the repair chain at dealers and official importers to:

  • Put in place and manage repair quality programs.
  • Reduce repetitive repairs and improve productivity ( First Time Fix).